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Northern Germany

We spent ten days of summer vacation at the Baltic Sea in the end of June. And while  the weather back in Switzerland was simply awful, we enjoyed sunshine (or at least dry weather) in northern Germany. We flew to Hamburg where we stayed for 3 days before we continued by train first to Lübeck and […]

A trip to Berlin – Part 2

Round two. Don’t know if there will be a third one. Anyway. I’ve edited some more photographs from the trip to Berlin. And I recently just bought a new toy. A Canon A-1 analog vintage retro film stuff camera. But more on that in another posting… Now: the Berlin photos:

A trip to Berlin

We went to Berlin over the easter weekend. Besides the awesomeness of the weather (sun, not a single cloud, 25°C) the city itself is also great. The only slightly negative thing were the estimated 2 millions of other tourists walking around. And apart from eating Currywurst we also took a few pictures… These are the […]