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ONE plus ONE equals DIPTYCH

Yesterday I went for a short walk with my camera. The destination was the “Kantonsschule B├╝elrain”. Actually I wanted to take some Brenizer panorama shots (which I did, too), but I also ended up taking some detail shots which I combined into a diptych. Dipwhat? Dipthat! First ingredient: Abstraction of a bench at the Kantonsschule […]

A trip to Berlin – Part 2

Round two. Don’t know if there will be a third one. Anyway. I’ve edited some more photographs from the trip to Berlin. And I recently just bought a new toy. A Canon A-1 analog vintage retro film stuff camera. But more on that in another posting… Now: the Berlin photos:

Home sweet home

Since the beginning of March 2011, my girlfriend and I live in an awesome comfy apartment in the heart of Winterthur, Switzerland. It’s in an old house which used to be a mill in times past, as my landlord told me. It’s right next to the historic center of the city and it has its […]