by Pixeltree

They say Sardinia is the Caribbean of Europe. And after a week on this beautiful island we can only fully support this claim. With its beautiful beaches, calm bays and little fishing villages Sardinia mustn’t fear this comparison. And food-wise it’s hard to get any better.

We spent the first half of the time in Arborea, Sardinias agronomical region on the western coast. After three nights we went south to Pula, a more touristic area. But since it was not high season, the beaches were not crowded yet. Below a few impressions

South Coast Sardinia

Torre di Piscinni

Torre di Piscinni, Sardinia, Italy

Capo Malfatano, Sardinia

Spiagga di Cala Domestica

Spiaggia di Funtanazza

Sunset in Sardinia

Spiaggia tra San Giovanni di Sinis

Marceddi III

Marceddi II

Marceddi I

Strada Provinciale 71