Hoher Kasten

by Pixeltree

It’s been quiet around here for quite some time. Mainly because I had the pleasure to write my bachelor thesis until the end of May. But with that behind me and summer finally arriving I’m sure an increase in blog post frequency is likely to occur. Oh, and right here is one!

Last Saturday we decided to go hiking in the beautiful Swiss mountains. In the early morning (right before 9 o’clock — after all it was still a Saturday) we drove to Brülisau in the Canton of Appenzell. From there am aerial tramway leads right on top of the Hoher Kasten (1’794 m.a.s.l.). But because we wanted to hike and the sky began to clear up we started walking. First a few minutes horizontally but shortly afterwards the road steepened. And then the road became a mere trail. After some 5 hours we arrived at the summit of the Hoher Kasten. Although it was quite exhausting the views we had were breathtaking (might have been the hiking, too) and we even saw a herd of Alpine ibexes (last photo).

Hoher Kasten

Hoher Kasten aerial tramway

Altmann in the clouds

Mountain idyll


Mountaintop in the clouds



Alpine ibex