Month: June, 2011

Go wide angle

I bought myself a new lens just before my holidays . Kind of a present to myself for beeing a good student and attend to every exam (don’t know if I passed them, yet). The new lens is the Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0 L. I bought it second hand but it’s in a superb condition. […]

ONE plus ONE equals DIPTYCH

Yesterday I went for a short walk with my camera. The destination was the “Kantonsschule Büelrain”. Actually I wanted to take some Brenizer panorama shots (which I did, too), but I also ended up taking some detail shots which I combined into a diptych. Dipwhat? Dipthat! First ingredient: Abstraction of a bench at the Kantonsschule […]

River Toess

After a very motivating math course on Sunday (motivating because I now see light at the end of the tunnel), we went to the river Töss in the afternoon. Because of the beautiful weather it was very crowded, so we had to walk quite a bit to find a nice spot on the riverside. After […]