Month: May, 2011


Just a quick “I’m still alive” posting. Nothing special, just me writing a few words about me writing a few words to prove that I’m still alive. And because that alone is quite boring I brought you a new photograph, too. These are the flowers my parents gave us last Saturday. The image is made […]

New roommates

Long time no update, so here’s a sign of life. First of all, we have a new roommate: the Kodak INSTAMATIC 333. But that’s not the only new coresident. Last Friday also a Canon A-1 moved in! So let’s start with the KODAK. My girlfriend got it from her parents. An absolutely awesome little thing. […]

A trip to Berlin – Part 2

Round two. Don’t know if there will be a third one. Anyway. I’ve edited some more photographs from the trip to Berlin. And I recently just bought a new toy. A Canon A-1 analog vintage retro film stuff camera. But more on that in another posting… Now: the Berlin photos: