Month: April, 2011

A trip to Berlin

We went to Berlin over the easter weekend. Besides the awesomeness of the weather (sun, not a single cloud, 25°C) the city itself is also great. The only slightly negative thing were the estimated 2 millions of other tourists walking around. And apart from eating Currywurst we also took a few pictures… These are the […]

Apartment details #2

Just want to show you the remainig five photographs of my tiny little project “Apartment details”. The images were taken last Monday but I didn’t edit them until yesterday. This time I went for a little vintage / film approach with the editing, adding some grain, dust and scratches…

Apartment details #1

The weekend wasn’t exactly what I’d call relaxing. Besides the obligatory math class Saturday morning, I had another 3 hours of additional math class on Sunday morning. And between this “derivative festivals” I also had to get up at 3.30am (Sunday) to verify our software installation at work. Good for me that today is “Sächsilüüte” […]